Sunday Worship

Each month we enjoy Sunday Worship together. We have worship led by our music group, activities, bubble prayers and a short talk. Each time we explore new ways to worship God. We are all together and have activities available so the children are busy throughout and parents can relax and participate. Everyone has the opportunity to write their own prayers on ‘thought bubbles’. The children collect the prayers, some are read out and all are taken up to the altar. We have refreshments and it is a wonderful time to chat and ge to know folk better.

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Lights of Love 2019


The Lights of Love Tree will be lit on Friday 6th December at 7:00 pm. People can dedicate a light to someone special they would like to remember. It will shine throughout December.  At the switching on ceremony there will be mulled wine and seasonal refreshments. The Pendle Community Orchestra will perform. It is a wonderful evening. Please come and share it with us as we lead into our Christmas Tree Festival.

If you would like to dedicate a light to someone special, for a small charge of three pounds, we will send a handwritten card to let them know you are thinking of them where ever they may be in the world.

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Our wonderful Poppy Cascade

Our wonderful cascade of poppies was up in the church for our Remembrance Sunday Service. Each poppy is different, individually created representing the unique and brave people who sacrificed so much for us all. People came in, took time and remembered. The effect was stunning. Thank you so much to all who created each poppy. A true labour of love. A special person remembered each time a poppy was made.

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Mothering Sunday at Christ Church

Our Mothering Sunday service was a fun family event. We heard the story of a young mother who protected her child at the cost of her life and remembered Mary who stayed with her son until the end at the foot of the cross. Amazing examples of the extraordinary love a mother can have for her child.

The children made flower pot gifts, decorated gift bags and iced biscuits. A few of the biscuits survived and were given to the Mums as presents! In addition the children distributed beautiful bunches of daffodils to the ladies.

A highlight was having a church family with all three mothers and four generations all present at once. We had the privilege of a visit from a mother who was christened in the church in 1929.

It is wonderful to know God’s love for us is as a mother’s love for her child, unconditional and unending.

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Thank you Pat

A huge thank you to Pat Ormerod. For over 25 years Pat has created some extraordinary flower displays at Christ Church for weekly services and special events. She has designed amazing displays for Harvest, Remembrance Sunday, Easter, Christmas and many more.  She has produced stunning backdrops and unique memories for couples on their wedding day. Along the way Pat has led and trained a great team of helpers. She has run fun workshops to make us all feel we can do it too! She is stepping down now. We are very grateful for all she has given us over the …

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Sometimes he calms the storm, sometimes he calms his child.

Imagine you are sitting by the side of the Sea of Galilee…it is a beautiful still evening and the waves are gently lapping the shore. Jesus arrives with his disciples. He has been preaching all day and is exhausted and needs peace and quiet away from the crowds. The sun is beginning to set. Jesus says, “Let’s get in a boat and go over to the other side of the lake.” You get in with Jesus and His disciples. You move away from the shore. The wind is still. The boat rocks back and forth gently in the waves. Jesus lays down on a …

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