Your First Visit

Thinking of visiting Christ Church for the first time?

  • What time should I arrive?
  • The service will start at 11am and church is open at least half an hour before that. Parking is available on the main road or in the school playground opposite the church on Bent Lane.

  • What time will it finish?
  • The service finishes around mid-day but you are more than welcome to stay for a drink and a chat.

  • What should I wear?
  • There is no dress code, jeans and a jumper or suit and dickie bow tie, it’s your choice.

  • What do you have for my children?
  • There are always activities to entertain children in the Narthex. Sunday school runs weekly and joins in the family service on the third Sunday of the month. If you have a pram and want to participate in the service there is plenty of space for you to park up in church.

  • Will I be singled out or otherwise embarrassed?
  • Certainly not, if you just want to check things out and blend in with the crowd then that’s fine. We are a friendly bunch though so there is every chance somebody will say Hi. We want you to feel welcome.