Parish Lunch

Monthly Parish Lunch

Where: In the Narthex of Christ Church

When: First Thursday of the month

Contact: Sue Pollitt 01282 867041

On the first Thursday of each month a group from Christ Church cook for the community. The Parish Lunch club was the brain child of Sue Pollitt and Jenny Cadwallader who launched the event when the kitchen was completed. Each month they can now cater for 40-50 people!

The Parish Lunch club is exactly what it says on the tin. It is for people of our community to get together, eat good food and have a lovely time catching up with friends. We also help to celebrate the Christmas season by serving a special three course festive lunch - entertainment, carols and all the trimmings are provided.

Everyone is very welcome to attend the lunches throughout the year either as a consumer or as a helper. If you would care to join us please give your name to Janet Blaauw, or any church member, prior to the event so we can calculate how many carrots Hilary has to prepare!

We look forward to seeing new members and long standing diners each month so please come along.